Bonded Apparel - About Us

Bonded Apparel is a queer, veteran owned, operated, and stitched designer that creates clothing for that allows people to access the full power of their innate male beauty.

Loren Crowe began designing clothes for parties and events after finding the usual offering of permissible menswear to be uniform, prescribed, and dull. After arriving at one too many fetish parties to find everyone wearing the same black outfit, Loren bought a sewing machine and started making harnesses and jockstraps in bold bright colors and spilling glitter literally everywhere. Soon, he was dressing his friends before going out, and a tidy hobby selling his creations on Etsy during the pandemic soon followed. 

Now, Bonded Apparel is offering limited runs of select items handmade in the USA for discerning customers who want to unlock their self-expression and be more than just basic. If this goes well, Loren will quit his job and more items will follow! Wouldn’t that be cool?!

All items designed in Cambridge and stitched in Boston.